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Reports on custom data not showing any data

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Hi all,


Just starting to work with custom data, dimensions and reports, and I'm not seeing any data. Here are some more details:

I pretty much did everything as described on this page


I defined 2 custom dimensions, call them crm_id, seg_id, both under user scope!
crm_id was defined as given by hit data, and seg_id was defined as hit overwrite.


I then defined a data set with crm_id as the key and seg_id as the other dimension.


We then went on the mock site we set up for testing and we saw crm_id's being generated and we saw them in reports. So far so good!

We then *successfully* uploaded CSV files connecting crm_id's to seg_id's, both manually, and using the API.
We then waited (more than) 24 hours and entered the site with the same crm_id (we can see the entries with the same crm_id in the reports).

However, we can't seem to find ANY data on seg_id. We thought we'd see the seg_id connected to that special crm_id we used to re-enter the site, but we're not seeing any of it using the "flat table" mode in a custom report.


Can anyone think of what we're missing?




Re: Reports on custom data not showing any data

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What metrics are you trying to show for these CD?

Re: Reports on custom data not showing any data

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Hi Adil,

I was trying to see sessions as the metric. It showed crm_id action according to what we did, but when we add seg_id to the dimensions, we see no data at all. Not even empty data for seg_id... We just get a blank report.