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Reporting with Custom Dimensions

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So I'm struggling a bit with how the custom dimensions work in reporting.  Below are images of two custom report.  The first set of images show both the report configuration as well as the results.  I'll call that report "Standard GA Dimensions".  The second set of images I'll call "Custom Dimensions".  My question and problem is that I do not get the same results when I use a custom (non-standard GA) dimension.  Is this a result of a malformed tag or is this indicative of something else? If you look at the total page views for the same time period are way off.  Why is that?


Standard GA Dimensions


GA Standard Dimension Report Setup.jpgGA Standard Dimension Results.jpg


Custom Dimensions


GA Custom Dimension Report Setup.jpgGA Custom Dimension Results.jpg

Reporting with Custom Dimensions

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Hi John,


Are you sure that you've sent custom dimensions to Google Analytics along with every pageview hit?


If not, that's why those two reports don't match.


Here you can read more about custom dimensions:


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.


Reporting with Custom Dimensions

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So the dimensions are setup with the Scope set to "Hit".  Is that what you mean?

Re: Reporting with Custom Dimensions

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Hi John Smiley Happy


I guess you've added a line of code to your page in order to have this "Customer" dimension in Google Analytics.


For example, here's how you can send the value of a user-level custom dimension with a pageview hit:



// Dimension value should be sent only once per user
ga(‘set’, ‘dimension1’, Bulletproof);
ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


Or you've configured it through Google Tag Manager. 


I think that you'll see the difference just because you (or your developer) haven't yet implemented this custom dimension code on every page. It really depends on how this is implemented and what's the goal of this dimension.


Here's a great developer guide as well:


Hope this helps. John, let us know if you have any further questions.