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Reporting number of results of a query

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Hi everybody!


Is it possible to get the number of results of a query as a value to make a report with it?


I want to obtain how many pages of my site have received more than 1.000 entrances of organic traffic in a month, and make a report with the evolution of this number (valuable pages in terms of SEO).


I know I can make the query (dimension=page path, metric=entrances, filter=more than 1.000 entrances) and write down the number of results, but I am looking for a more accurate system. 


Thanks in advance!


Óscar Toral

Reporting number of results of a query

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Hi @Óscar T

I think this calls for a future request : Adding more functions beyond simple mathematical functions in calculated metrics. A count function in calculated metrics will help in cases like these.

In the mean time you cant get exactly what you want but you can use google data studio to get close to your requirement: 

1. Create a New metric: Count(pages)

2. Report with dimension date, metrics as entrances and new metric which you created above.

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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