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Report on Keywords does not give back full set of data

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Hello world,


I'm quite new to this Google Analytics report thing so my question might be very easy for you to answer, unfortunately after half a day of search I cannot find an answer myself, so let's try. Smiley Happy


I want to set a regular report on our company's e-commerce shop gaining information about Channel origin of each transaction.


When I set up my report giving back the following dimensions:




I get a data set containing somewhat 9k rows which is about the number of records corresponding to our data base.


Mysteriously when I add ga:keyword as dimension my report contains only 5k rows - 4k of transaction IDs are missing.


As metrics I chose ga:transactionrevenue but I only do so as I cannot run a report without metrics. The time frame is the same in both trys.


Can you help me to fix or even understand this problem?


Thank you very much for your help in advance.



Report on Keywords does not give back full set of data

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When accessing data using Keyword, you will naturally restrict rows due to the 'Term not Provided' issue within major search engines.  Google, Yahoo and Bing restrict keyword sales data and only provide data about the landing page.  


Non-popular Search Engines and non-Google PPC channels will utilize the keyword dimension.  It's not useful out the box.