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Report is Showing Copy&Paste Traffic

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One of my clients is seeing results like this in their All Traffic > Medium/Source Report:


 "(OahUKEwi07-25zkp4XMAhWmsYMKHckeDDsQFghmMAY - 7)google / organic"


After a bit of research, it appears (and I very well may be wrong) as though this traffic is coming from users who are copy and pasting the address of the client's organic listings and paid ads from Google SERPs into their browsers. My question a three-parter: a) why these would register as separate entities, b) why I don't see this kind of result across other clients' reports, and c) is there a way to merge these results to reflect that they're all coming from an initial Google search?


Re: Report is Showing Copy&Paste Traffic

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Hi Fiona

Seems unlikely as true traffic unless the numbers are very low - but that's all relative!

How many sessions does this account for in a given period?

Use the Secondary Dimension to show Hostname and then Full Referrer so see how genuine the traffic is.

Hope this helps

Re: Report is Showing Copy&Paste Traffic

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It's only about 3% of all traffic coming to the site. There's something like 400 hits like these over the last month, out of 10,300 total.


The hostname is the client's domain, so there's nothing fishy there. And the full referrer is just "(OahUKEwi07-25zkp4XMAhWmsYMKHckeDDsQFghmMAY - 7)google," etc.


That string, and every other string of numbers/letters listed look like they're coming from a query URL - like when you right click on a search result and "Copy Link Address". For example:




These queries redirect to the client's domain.