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Regarding Bounce Rate vs Loading Time

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I guess i am experiencing a very strange or a weird problem.


My Website loading time as per analytics(and other 3rd party tools) is 15 seconds, due to a lot of non-minified javascript and css files.

But if a user you visit the  website, it does not take more than 2-3 seconds to load, even though the javascripts and other coding keeps on loading in the background.


My concern is, are these loading time and bounce rate connected? as the bounce rate of my website is 80%! i have a feeling that till the time the javascripts does not fully load, analytics would count it as a bounce for someone who leaves my website within those 15seconds.

I would really appreciate your help guys. The websites are &

Regarding Bounce Rate vs Loading Time

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Hi Aditya,

from what you describe, users can interact with the page even if the background JS isn't fully loaded?
The JS references are at the bottom of BODY and using async?


What kind of tracking do you use? If GA embedded directly on the page, where is it located? High in the HEAD section (recommended) or bottom of BODY (as it was recommended back in the old days!)
If you are using GTM, same concept.


If the user can't interact correctly with the page, there's a much higher risk they bail out and leave the site.

Other possibility - if the next page is also slow and your tracking is at the bottom of the page, the user might go from landing>next, but the next page tracking never fires because it's too slow, and thus, it shows a bounce even if the user might have got the info he/she wanted.

You should consider using something like Cloudflrare - there's even a free version of the service that could have a great impact. My own personal website and are using it at no cost. If you do a view source you will see everything is compressed and some files are served from their CDN. In my HTML page, I'm also leveraging CDN to load common javascript libraries like jQuery. This can help a lot. You can use, Dareboost or a tool from Google to identify bottlenecks and easily fix them.