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Referral path coming as "/"

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My site has referrals coming from source

In somes cases the Referral path has the Wikipedia article which links to my site. But most often I get "/" in the referral path, which cannot possibly be correct.





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April 2016

Re: Referral path coming as "/"

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It's because Wikipedia is now an https-only website that sets its referer header as origin-when-cross-origin. That means the referer for clicks out of Wikipedia should always be "/", not the specific page, if the user's web browser is working correctly.

Wikipedia has been https-only since June 2015.

Any specific URL referrals you see after that date are presumably from people using web browsers that don't implement the W3C referer policy correctly. Probably just people who need to upgrade Interenet Explorer!

Re: Referral path coming as "/"

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Thank you very much.