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Redirecting (tracking) Pages Not Listed in Analytics

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Hi there, this is my first time posting so I hope this is in the correct category.

We are currently using Google Analytics with Unbounce landing pages and I'm having an issue where two our redirecting pages, which are supposed to redirect to the main landing page we want users to see, are not being listed in the reports.

The way it's set up:
Redirecting Pages (RP): [1] , [2] - these are just blank pages.
Main Page: [M] - this is our conversion page.

[1] and [2] are advertisements; [1] is on a billboard, and [2] is online. We want to be able to see which RP is referring the most traffic to [M]. 

Initial Set Up
The way I had initially set it up was to have the redirecting script in the <head> of the page, but as we were not getting any reports of [1] or [2] in our reports, I figured that I should instead call the script before </body>, as perhaps the Analytics code was not able to trigger. 

I then edited both RPs to call the redirecting script before </body>.

Two New Test Pages
I also decided to create two new blank RP: [3] and [4], to confirm if it was indeed an issue of where the script was being called.

I have not received any reports of [3] or [4] being recorded in the reports.

What is also odd is that [1] shows up in the Analytics reports twice, but not [2], despite being "treated" the same way with respect to placement of the redirect script.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.