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Recent changes made to sampling?

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Hi all,


I noticed a change in the sampling interface while running one of my end of week reports - instead of the slider bar, we're now back to the Faster Response or Greater Precision dropdowns from before. See screenshot below.


2-3-2017 2-07-09 PM.png


I've also noticed an issue that may be related to this. Using a segment to look at yesterday's ecommerce totals before all of yesterday's data has been posted used to always give crazy numbers under Ecommerce Summary (ex. Had 1000 transactions total. Applying a segment to show sessions that saw the homepage changes the total to 4000 transactions). However, changing the report to Sales Performance always provided an accurate revenue total and transaction number (I just took the number of results at the bottom). After the recent change to the sampling interface, I've noticed that revenue is now significantly off for both the total and individual transactions under Sales Performance when looking at yesterday's data (again, with around 95% of data posted). Changing the report to show all transactions instead of top 10 or downloading the report brought them back down to what I would have expected. 


My usual scheduled reports were also sent twice today - once at 9:39 AM and again at 12:44 PM. I guess my real questions are: Has anyone else experienced these changes? Are these specific data hiccups that might have only impacted my account? Tried searching and couldn't finding any new announcements. 


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.