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Real-Time shows users, yet reports show zero sessions.

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I am having an issue with Analytics that I cannot comprehend what is wrong.

I know that my tracking code is working properly because the live view is working as expected. I can reach out to 5 of my friends and sit here watching them poke around in my site.

However, after any activity on my site, all of my reports are showing zero sessions, users, etc etc.

What could I possibly be doing wrong if I am able to get the live view and actually see that my users are showing up in real time — but then 4 days when I go back to GA, every report shows zero sessions, users, or any activity at all?

I could understand a delay of a day or so to show sessions on the base reports — but my reports all show zero activity over the last 3 days but I have had multiple users on my site testing it for me and I am able to see them in real-time as the visit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Real-Time is showing users, yet all reports still show zero sessions.

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Hi :-)

Have you checked your tracking code installation for possible errors with Google Tag Assistant?

Instructions on how to use:



Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Real-Time shows users, yet reports show zero sessions.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I did check and it was giving me a non standard implementation warning but otherwise it was working.

Oddly enough I did spend some time on my site with various browsers and devices last night and those visits showed up on my reports today so I think it is working properly now. However, when I first set this up a few days ago I had done the same, and had other people visit the site. Those days still show as zero sessions. I am not worried about it, as long as it is working from here out. I am just in the beginning stages of setting up a site so I'm trying to iron out any kinks before they become problems.

That tool is useful and I'm glad you pointed that out.