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Question about impression in search console report in GA

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Hi Guys, I have a question here about the definition of impression and I would like to provide any example for illustration 


If someone type a search query "ABC" and one of my URL appeared on 2nd page of search result 

However that person never click to the 2nd page of the search result, would that search query "ABC" still got 1 impression ? 


Hope that my question won't to too silly and look forward to you guys answer 



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Question about impression in search console report in GA

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The info in the Search Console reports isnt tracked by GA.
Its tracked by Google Search Console and then imported into GA from there.
The info on the linked page seems to answer your question (note it does say its subject to change)

You could possibly get further info on the Webmaster Central Help Forum in regards to your question since they specialize in Search Console!forum/webmasters



Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Question about impression in search console report in GA

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Hello Chow,

I am not an expert but i think you want to know if you are in the second/third/fourth page like this and if no one see your link and clicked if it is counted as impression or not?


My answer is yes it is counted as an impression.


Because if you can simply check the search analytics report in Google search console you can see there are many queries you rank beyond the first page and till that query has got impression in the report which is later transfered to GA.


So yes it counts.


So if Google in future release another feature like adwords viewable impression like that in Google search console that can solve this problem quite an extent.


Hope it helps.

Question about impression in search console report in GA

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Google has the answer to this question here: though quite frankly the wording they chose was quite confusing.

"A link URL records an impression when it appears in a search result for a user."

"The URL pointed to by this link records an impression when the user opens the [SEARCH] page containing this result" (even if the result is not scrolled into view)...



so according to my understanding: in your example above if the user does not click on the 2nd page, your link does not get an impression... ! but if the user click on the 2nd page, and your link shows up below the fold, and the user does not scroll down it still shows up as an impression.


at least that's my understanding