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Profile Admin Filter applied in GA API?

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I've seen/been given conflicting information on this subject.  Are the filters that I create in the ADMIN Profile tab applied to the Google Analytics API?  More specifically, I have a series of IP addresses that I exclude in the interface Admin Profile tab (similar to excluding Internal IPs).  However, I was advised (possible erroneously?) that since GA doesn't report at the IP level due to confidentiality and since the API provides full visibility, IPs are not included and subsequently, aren't applied in my API.  I'm having an issue where I'm applying REGEX to the page to pull page counts and my API data is not matching the interface data.  When I compare my pull to the query builder in ga-dev, my API data matches that, so either there are filters being applied in the interface that aren't being applied in the API, or I've done something incorrectly.  

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Re: Profile Admin Filter applied in GA API?

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Quigley if you created a filter in the Admin Section under View then yes the filter will apply any where you use that GA account even in in api calls, if on the other hand you are talking the All Filters under the Account section of the Admin menu then no they need to be specificly applied by the API in order to affect your data.
On a cautionary note if you have or plan to add filters in the Admin-->Views-->Filters area create a new view and apply your filters to the new view you should as a rule keep your main view as raw data with no filters applied to it.

Re: Profile Admin Filter applied in GA API?

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Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated.