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Product Views -> Conversions

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I am interested in creating a report that shows product views that relates how many conversions there were for that specific product.  Ultimately, I want to find out:


1) what products have the highest conversion rate

2) what products have alot of views, but a low conversion rate


I have basic ecommerce tracking installed.  I realize this could be tricky because GA (to my knowledge) doesn't distinguish product views from normal page views.  So I'd have to figure out a way to use regular expressions on the product page title to extract the SKU, then somehow relate that to conversions for that extracted SKU.  The page title is formatted like this:


This Awesome Product | ABC123


I know what the expression would be, probably something like: 



I just don't know how to approach the reporting.


I something like this possible?  If not, I'm open to suggestions on how to set up GA to allow for this type of reporting.  Any ideas appreciated!