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Product Revenue reported higher than Revenue - even before EEC enabled

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We have recently implemented Enhanced Ecommerce on a Magento site for one of our customers (we're a Magento distributor primarily). We implemented EEC via a in-house module.


We turned on Enhanced Ecommerce tracking (in GA via GTM) right before Christmas, unfortunately we forgot to remove the tag for analytics.js on the thank you page. This resulted in double "product revenue" being reported under product performance report vs. "revenue" in sales performance report. 


When we understood the error we turned off EEC in GA and reverted to previous version in GTM.


--> Now, what is utterly bizarre is that the data for Product Revenue has been corrupted retrospectively meaning even before the implementation of EEC. The Product Revenue for 2015 is much higher than Revenue. 


How can the data be retrospectively overwritten ? 


Thanks for clearing out the issue ? and how (if it is possible) do we cleanse the data ?



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Re: Product Revenue reported higher than Revenue - even before EEC ena

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Hi Yohan,

The only way to change the data retrospectively is to reverse the transactions:

Hope this helps.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Product Revenue reported higher than Revenue - even before EEC ena

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Hi Arnold,

Thanks for your reply. As said, transaction data was correct in Product Performance report before EEC implementation (whole of 2015 until christmas basically). We turned on EEC in GA (dataLayer variables pushed via GTM) right before Christmas, and tuned it off again on Jan, 31st 2016. So All in all, data should have been corrupted for just about 1 month, but what we see in the Product performance report is data corrupted even before EEC being turned on (this was not the case before).

How can this be possible ? I thought data could not be overwritten retrospectively (unless you import data - not the case here).

Regarding your suggestion: would the attributions etc. be corrected as well ? (if we would be able to see duplicate product revenues (matching certain transactionID)

Thanks for your reply to both questions,