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Problem with indexed URLs in google analytics

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Since the 10th of june I've added one filter (my home IP adress). Since then, there is something strange with the URLs indexed by google Analytics. 


On the first screenshot  you can see how It should look when everything is normal. I click on ligne 3 in order to have a look at the web page. The URL is correct. And I can see the home page of my website. 


On the second screenshot you can how it look with the new URLs since 10th june. When I click on ligne 1 to see the URL. I have a error message. 

URL is now www.edouardsepulchre/ and all the different pages of the web site are now indexed with this pattern in google analytics. 


Is there someone who explain me why ? 

Is it a real problem at the end and is there any consequence in terms of statistics result. 

If so what can I do to fix this ? 


Thanks a lot for your help. 


 Capture d’écran 2016-06-23 à 11.08.34.png


Capture d’écran 2016-06-23 à 11.08.57.png


Re: Problem with indexed URLs in google analytics

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Hi there,


This will be your Google Analytics settings in Squarespace. Since your site doesn't contain "real" pages ( there aren't individual URLs for the tag to fire on. 


Can you find your GA settings in Squarepace and share the settings?



Re: Problem with indexed URLs in google analytics

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Hi Ali,

Thank you for your answer.
In Squarespace there is two ways of connecting with google analytics.
1. Google analytics account number.
2. Code injection Header and Footer.

At the beginning I've done both of it. But then I've read that doing both could create problems. So I choose to use only Google analytics number.
Does it help you ?

Re: Problem with indexed URLs in google analytics

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Did you use this how to guide?

The only way I can think to resolve this without changing Squarespace settings is this:

If in doubt, I suggest asking Squarespace Support as I've no doubt they'll have been asked similar questions