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Problem with custom reports

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I created custom reports not long ago that would analyze and gives several stats about a group of pages.

However, lately I couldn't load them. Google Analytics showed me the following message : 


"An illegal state has occurred.

The request resulted in an inappropriate state. Reload the page to see whether the problem persists."
I reloaded the page but nothing changed and I kept receiving that message. I checked the settings but couldn't see what was wrong. Has anyone encountered anything similar ?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Re: Problem with custom reports

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Illegal state in custom report questions get asked quite a lot I believe it is commonly due to mixing up what you want in the graph in reference to user/hit/session data. Have not seen an answer form an 'expert' though so open to further info.

something on this page may hep you:

is it for all custom segments you set up or just some in particular?

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Re: Problem with custom reports

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Hi Le Groupe M,
Is it possible that you were trying to load an invalid combination of dimensions/metrics? Reference this Google developers guide for more info:

Let me know if that solves your problem or not.


Re: Problem with custom reports

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Hi David,

I didn't use segments in the custom reports but filters.
The filter I used was "landing page - regex - a specific word that is in several URLs" and I wanted, as you had guessed, to display the number of users / sessions ...
Do you think that might be the reason ?

All the custom report I created this way got the "illegal state". The others seem fine. Do you think I should have tried with segments.
Thanks for your help.

Re: Problem with custom reports

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Hi Kathleen,

That could be it. However as I said before, I didn't use segments but filters. Do they work the same way ?

In the link you gave me, it was written that the metrics "users" was not allowed with segments. Do you think it's the reason why I got the "illegal state" ? In that case, how can I retrieve this information if I can't do it via custom reports ?

Thanks in advance