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Problem with GA email reports for several recipients

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I have a problem with GA scheduled email reports. When sending the report for one recipient, they go through ok, but when adding several recipients for the same report, only some of the recipients receive it. I have separated the email addresses with comma (,), as instructed (and previously they have worked ok), and all the recipients are from the same company, so have the same email provider. We have also checked with the email provider that the messages are not stuck into junk mail filters etc, but it seems that they are not leaving at all from GA. Only those that have one reciepient work. Anyone has any ideas what I should do differently?


Instructions I have followed:

Re: Problem with GA email reports for several recipients

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I have a couple of these that always work just fine. I think you're going to have to trouble shoot it on your own.

First, do you have any occurrences where more than one recipient received the same message...or does it only work when a single email recipient is on the list?

Second, is there any type non-alphanumeric characters in the email addresses? I don't know if that matters, but I've had some bad experiences with odd characters in other entry fields.

Also, you could test if it's a problem with your domain by using two email addresses outside of it. Use your personal email address and add someone else as well. If it fails then you know it's something with GA.

Last, and this could be the farthest reaching, but make sure you're actually sending unicode characters. If not, GA might not be seeing the comma as a comma. This would occur if you changed the region settings on your PC. So this "," and this "‚" look the same visually, but are actually different characters as far as the machines are concerned.