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Private URL showing in Landing Pages ( Dimension )

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Hello Guys, 


I have couple of questions. 


No : 1 .  I have multiple pages in my website, Lets say, i come to a particular page from google organic search, and i move to ( Which does not have analytics in it ) , Now after that , i move from,  So my question, when i moved from home page to , Well the tracking wont happen in page , So my question is when i move to ( No Analytics )  page to page,  So my session will not be destroyed right ? And i will have the source as google Organic Right ?  I think it wont be destroyed and my source will be organic ? Any thoughts guys. 

N0: 2 This is our website,  So we have a subdomain, Here is my question, When go to my analytics to see the landing pages report, i see the private url listed in the landing pages dimension like lets say, the dashboard url is something, this particular url is being shown in the landing pages dimension and the source says organic,  The bounce rate are less, the avg time on site is less. . 


I dont know how this is happening, How could google should the private url int he landing page dimension tab, there is no way , a user can access the dashboard without signing in, and it is no where indexed in Google. so can you please help me with this solution ? 


Or else lets say if i have analytics in the private dahsboard page, will google anlaytics has the capbality to show that in the analytics platform ? 

I hope i have clearily mentioned my doubts, Thanks for the help guys. 



Private URL showing in Landing Pages ( Dimension )

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Hey Shiva,
1 . My guess is that your session will be destroyed and you will end up having self referral, you can check this process in real time by coming from a test source and seeing if your user activity shows up or not.

2 . You should set your private urls to no index in your robot files and copy the landing page url and try searching it with a inurl: in the beginning.


Hope this helps,

kind regards

Noman Karim

Private URL showing in Landing Pages ( Dimension )

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Thank you so much for your reply Norman,  Correct me if am wrong, But the sessions stays for 30 minutes right ? so what if i  navigate within the pages within 30 minutes in my case ?  And yes what you said is a good idea , i can check in real time and i can find a solution,


i did searched inurl: in and that particular URL is not indexed in 


But i did not block that particular private URL in robots. Anyhow i will try doing that. And thanks for your help,  Any other possible solutions please. ?