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Primary Dimensions: Page vs Landing Page

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I am confused as to why one would choose Landing Page versus Page as the Primary Dimension in the Dimension Drilldown. I have created a custom report. The Metric Group includes Page Views, Unique Pageviews, Avg. Time on Page and Bounce Rate. In Dimension Drilldown, I used Page>Social Network. I created a comparative custom report with the same Metric Group; however, this time I used Landing Page>Social Network. I thought Landing Page's numbers would be lower as this is the first page a person is visiting, the initial clickthrough. However, I was surprised to find that Page custom report was lower.


What is the difference between Landing Page and Page as far as being used as the Primary Dimension in reporting goes? Also, in what instances would/should you choose one over the other?


Thank you in advance for any feedback.


- Ben

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Re: Primary Dimensions: Page vs Landing Page

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Not everyone comes into your site and starts on your Home page, so if you want to know which page individuals are starting from you would use Landing page. If you are just interested in activty for a page and dont care if it is the Landing Page or Exit page then just use Page. So why care well if you see that a lot of traffic is navigating to a page but that page is buried you want your users to get their in as few a clicks as possible so check and see how many are starting there if very few then make sure that page is SEO friendly add meta data to it and maybe even move it up in the websites structure so that it is more easily discovered. Now take a look at your exit pages are they leaving your site before they find the good stuff if so make it easier for them to find it. These metrics are designed to see how users interact with your site you mention that your Landing page had higher numbers so how did they get their Direct, Organic or Referral. If you site is SEO friendly then it is not uncommon for your Landing page to have higher traffic.