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Previous Page Path with same amount of pageviews

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I am attempting to recreate a navigation summary in Data Studio and have been able to recreate my problem within GA itself, thus I am posting my question under GA, not Data Studio.


Like I said, I am attempting to recreate a navigation summary within Data Studio and in doing so I have discovered that the results showing in my custom report do not match those displayed in GA's navigation summary.  I am using Page and Previous Page Path dimensions and using Pageviews as my metric.


I set my page to exactly match the page of which I would like to know the previous page path.


Very simple idea/concept that in my assumption is exactly what is done within the Navigation Summary Report within GA.




The pageviews shown in my report do not match those shown in the Navigation Summary Report.


Even more confounding is the fact that not only are the number of pageviews not matching to what is showing in the Navigation Summary, but there are many Previous Page Path Pageviews that are identical.


ie. My report is showing 103 pageviews for 20 different Previous Page Paths.  I find it impossible to believe that this is true or accurate.  It also shows 51 pageviews for another 90 different Previous Page Paths.


My questions:

  1. Am I wrong in my understanding of how to recreate the Navigation Summary?
  2. Does anyone else see these same discrepancies in their own data?
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Previous Page Path with same amount of pageviews

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In answer to my own question - the reason for the identical number of referrer pageviews is a result of GA sampling.