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Pathing analysis for eCommerce product configuration

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I'm trying to uncover the best way to solve for a pathing analysis I am setting up to understand user flow for a specific set of product configuration pages within our eCommerce site. The steps in the configuration flow can vary depending on whether the user is an existing customer and product attributes. We have maybe 7 or 8 total unique steps, but the combinations and order of the steps can vary so I'm trying to understand the pathing combinations between these and what typically happens most commonly. However, in all situations it always ends at the same page of the shopping cart where the product is added. We have all major steps tracked with virtual page views.


Goal flow and custom funnel analysis has been what has gotten me the closest to understanding the pathing between these pages, but am wondering if there are better options. Custom funnels work best it seems when I am already aware of the different flow combinations and I build separate views for each, which doesn't help me as much in this situation. Goal flow works well at times, but the issue I have is it lists all possible steps in an assumed sequence and then webs between them in a way that doesn't help me understand the direction of the flow (to and from those steps). 


Hopefully I am clear in my description, but would appreciate any other tips or suggestions on ways I can structure this model to try to understand what I am solving for. If it helps, we do have Analytics 360 within our site.


Thank you!

Re: Pathing analysis for eCommerce product configuration

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Hi Philip

Sounds like you have already tried some of the solutions I would suggest.

Did you look into Behaviour - Site content - All pages? From there you can type in any of the pages in your flow and then click on the "Navigation summary" mode and see which pages the users came from and went to.