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Pageviews per month / week

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One simple thing I thought would be easy to create is a table of the total number of Pageviews for each month (for example)  going back over the last year. By total I mean not broken down in any way.


When I select Behaviour - Site Content - All Pages and a date range of the last year I get a graph of Pageviews for that period. I can change between Day, Week, Month to see daily, weekly or monthly figures. Which is fine.


However what I'd like to see as well are the figures plotted on the graph in the table underneath - nothing more. Is it possible?  I can see the figures when I hover over the graph points but can't see a way of displaying them in a table. 


I know I could create a report for each time period but that seems a labourious way of doing things.


Any help appreciated.




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Re: Pageviews per month / week

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You can easily do this in custom reports if you want to drill down use explorer mode and add as your first dimension year as your second dimension use one of the following week index,week of year, or week of the year as your third dimension use either Page or Page Title. In the metrics section list the metrics you want to view for each page such as sessions, pageviews etc. save it and test.

Also try the same approach in Flat Table mode if you do not want to drill down.

This should get you close and you can adjust from there.

Then when you run the report you can choose dates that range over multiple years and it should be grouped by the year, then by the week, then by the page and list all the metrics that you have choosen to display.