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Pageviews & session expiration with Minute dimension in Reporting API

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I'm pulling reports that include Hour and Minute dimensions to perform in-depth analysis of traffic during specific moments.

I've read all the documentation I found about how Users & Sessions are calculated but there is still something that I'm not sure to understand.


My report is basic: campaign / date / hour / minute / users / sessions / pageviews.

I can find in this report some rows that have 1 user, but 0 session and 0 pageview.

I understand that there is more users than sessions since this type of report (Minute dimension) counts only sessions that started during the corresponding minute in "Sessions" but it counts all active users in "Users".


My question: How I can have an active user if there is 0 pageview?

I see two possible answers:

1. the user performed an action which is not considered as a pageview but still counts him as "active". If yes, what could that be?

2. the user did not perform any action during that minute but he did later (before the end of his session) and is therefore counted as active. This would mean that if I have only one user on my website, visiting his first page at 10:00 and visiting a second and last page at 10:10, I'll have 10 rows my report, with columns users always set to 1, session set to 1 for the 10:00 row and pageview set to 1 for rows 10:00 & 10:10 only.


The underlying question here is: how "ending" sessions appear in this report? If I start a session at 10:00 and bounce, my session expires at 10:30. Is my user counted in "Users" for all rows from 10:00 to 10:30, or only on row 10:00 as he bounced?



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November 2016

Pageviews & session expiration with Minute dimension in Reporting API

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Add the metrics Entrances, Exits, Total Events and Hits to your report, and things may become clearer.


A Session is attributed to the first interactive hit or a session ONLY, which could be a pageview or an event, or... Subsequent pageviews or events in that session would show a 0 session count.  Rows would appear only where hits occur.  In your scenario (2), you would have only 2 lines, since no hits occurred in minutes 1 thru 9:

at 10:00 with 1 user, 1 session, 1 pageview, 1 entrance, 0 exit, 1 hit

at 10:10 with 1 user, 0 session, 1 pageview, 0 entrance, 1 exit, 1 hit


Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Pageviews & session expiration with Minute dimension in Reporting API

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Thanks Mike!