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Pageview issues with geo-redirect script. Race condition woes.

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I need some help creating a report or segment for an odd condition. I am trying to generate a report or segment that works around a "flaw" in analytics async loading. I work in an industry where regulation changes state to state, so visitors come to our site and are redirected to a state specific page if they are geo-targeted for specific states.

For the purposes of this example, I will refer to the page with the geo-targeting redirect script as the "home page" and the page that visitors may be redirected to as the "state page". The problem is that since analytics is loading asynchronously, sometimes it records a visit to the "home page" as the landing page, and sometimes it redirects before analytics loads in, reporting the "state page" as the landing page.  
I am trying to generate a report or segment that shows only visitors that "experience" the "state page" as their first page. This segment would be comprised of visitors that have the "state page" as their landing page combined with visitors that have the "home page" followed by the "state page" as their page path. However, I also need to insure that I am restricting this segment to visitors that entered the site using one of these page paths. I don't want to include people that entered the site via long tail organic traffic and eventually stumbled onto the "state page".  Can anyone crack this nut?