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Pages / Unique Users

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Hi guys,


Couple of questions (i've been using GA for a few months but there's still some data that doesnt make sense to me)


When I run a basic customised report with dimension "page" & metric "new user" i get a list of URLS by New Users. That total number of new users equals my total number of new users to the site in the same period (i.e the page report is only counting a new user once rather than counting them for every page they have visited). Do you know how a user is assigned to a URL (is it their landing page?) and is it possible to run a report for the number of unique new users to visit each page? 


Also, when I run a report with customer dimensions (i.e account ID which is passed when someone registers or has signed in previously), the report only returns users who have the customer dimension present (such as a player ID). Ideally I want everything to be returned but if the customer dimension is not present then just report it as null. I would have expected this to be the default behaviour in GA reporting but that doesnt seem to be the case? 



Re: Pages / Unique Users

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Hi Fearghal,

If you add a segment with the value of new users on Audience > Overview you will see your New Users vs All users Analytics. Then if you have a look at Behavior > Site Content > All Pages you can see the comparison of new Users to All Users.

As for Custom Dimensions GA will only report those hits that have the custom dimension present. The only way to see hits that are missing the custom dimension is with BiqQuery, but this of course does cost to run unless you have Google Analytics Premium. Another way in GA is to create a segment with that custom dimension enabled and compare it to all. This will show the content with the custom dimensions vs all the content.

Hopefully this helps,