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Pages / Session inconsistent between reports

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When reporting on the same page in two different report types, the values for Pages / Session are different, when other metrics such as Avg Session Duration and Bounce Rate are the same.


I'm using the same date range on both reports, and this value is inconsistent whether I measure a week period or a month period, while other values stay the same between reports. I am using two reports; one is a custom report (very basic - one page measured with a custom selection of metrics) and the other is a 'Goal' conversion report. No sampling has occurred on any of these reports so they should be 'true' values.


Custom report pages / session : 1.6

'Goal' report pages / session : 3.14


Any ideas why the values are different, and if there is a fix please?

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Pages / Session inconsistent between reports

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In order to properly determine the issue both of your reports would need to have the Pageviews and Sessions showing so that you can do the math your self which would be Pageviews (divided by) Sessions. Without that information some guesses would be that you are either filtering out some of that data for one or both of those two metrics, you are sampling data, the goal report is calculating only those sesssions and pageviews that resulted in that goal (same as filtering), or your scope could be wrong and you are comparing aplles to oranges. The Audience Overview should give you the actual Pages/Session.