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Page titles are duplicating

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I'm pulling a flat table customized report:


Metric = pageviews

Dimension = landing page and page title

Filter = default channel grouping is exactly "Organic Search"


In the resulting list of pages, each landing page is listed multiple times with different page titles. Each page only has one page title, so this shouldn't be happening. I'm thinking there's some way I've constructed this that doesn't work in GA, but I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. Help?


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Page titles are duplicating

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Hi @Litmon,


The problem is related to your custom report. You are using different scope of dimension and metrics together and you should not do that. Google Analytics doesn't warn you about this but it provides inaccurate data. 


Pageviews -> Hit scope metric

Landing Page -> Session scope dimension

Page title -> Hit scope dimension


You can use GA metric and dimension explorer to see which ones can be used together: link


I hope this helps you to understand the problem


Page titles are duplicating

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Thanks, this is really helpful!


However, I'm having trouble with that website. For instance, if I want to see what metrics I can mix with country, when I look at the geo network section, it says there are no metrics available. This seems odd, because in GA, it allows at least sessions if not users. Same thing for channel grouping.