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Page hits flatlined but site is fine

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Hi there, hoping someone can help


Our website is running fine, but for some reason the page hits report has flatlined somewhere between 06:00 and 07:00 BST/GMT+1 (05:00-06:00 UTC).


The events, real time tracking etc. seems to be working fine on this site.

The page hits are fine for our other sites, listed under the same Google account.


It's just page hits on this particular site which have stopped being reported for some reason.

To confirm, the website seems running fine and is fully accessible.


Snapshot below shows a typical Friday (hourly) in orange, and today in blue.

It's taken about 15:40 BST (14:40 UTC). I'd expect to see hits reported up until about 14:00 or 15:00.


Our IT people have not done anything today affecting the website.

No-one as far as I know has done anything to the settings in the account.

Our website provider said they're unable to investigate, and directed me here.


Any ideas?

Many thanks!


Page hits flatlined 20160701.PNG


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Re: Page hits flatlined but site is fine

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Hi :-)
If the real time reporting seems to be working without issue, I'd say its possibly a case of normal report latency.
GA does not guarantee same day data in the standard reports. Often you will get same day data, however normal reporting
latency is 24-48hrs.

I'd give it 12 -24hrs to bake and then see if the 'missing' data for today has then caught up by tomorrow.
Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Page hits flatlined but site is fine

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Hi, thanks - yes it seems to have resolved itself now!
Much appreciated


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