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Page Speed Suggestions not working

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I'm trying to use the Site Speed Suggestions feature of Google Analytics. But it's only showing the "Help" link* in the PageSpeed Suggestions column. It is showing values for Avg Page Load Time, though. Any idea how I can make this work?


I set it to report site speed for 100% of page views:

ga('create', 'UA-12345678-1', {'siteSpeedSampleRate': 100});


I made sure the configured domains match my site's actual domain. And the URLs it reports match the actual URLs.


I'm confused about one recommendation: "The page requires authentication". My page does require authentication, but why should that be a problem? Is Google making a separate request to the page to get speed suggestions? I thought the Analytics code that I inserted into my page was sending the necessary data.


*Here's the relevant portion from the Help page:


If you see Help in the PageSpeed Suggestionscolumn, this indicates that we were unable to analyze the page at the given URL, and you should try again later. If the error persists, it may be due to any of the following:

  • The hostname you have configured in theWebsite’s URL section of your View Settings is not a valid hostname for your website.
  • The URLs shown in the Site Speed Suggestions report are not valid URLs for your website.
  • You are tracking multiple subdomains and not using a single hostname.
  • You have set up view filters to rewrite your URLs.
  • The page requires authentication.

Re: Page Speed Suggestions not working

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You can easily debug on the website with GA debugger:

You can check in chrome, console tab with 'Preserve log' turned ON.


Just check on website, if you are seeing the page speed beacon fired and sent to GA.

Re: Page Speed Suggestions not working

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Thanks. I tried that, and I see the debug information, which includes two "Sent beacon" lines. One has hitType=pageview and one has hitType=timing, if that helps. Does the "timing" one include the data needed for speed suggestions? If so I'm not sure what else is missing.