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Page Depth: Relative to current page or landing page?

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Hi everyone, 


I'm pretty new to Google Analytics. And I'm stumbling over the definition of the "Page Depth" metric. 


Say, I'm inspecting a page with this path: /random_url/ and I got a histogram of page depth. I'm looking at the row where page depth is 3 and let's just say the pageview breakdown for this row is 3,000.


Does that tell me 1) for these 3,000 viewers, they will go on visit 2 other pages starting from /random_url/ or 2) for these 3,000, they have currently viewed 3 pages including this page? 


Many many thanks! 



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Re: Page Depth: Relative to current page or landing page?

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Hej Yilei

Let me try and explain.

Lets say we haave the url ""


This url can have different values for page depth depending on how many pages the user saw in the session.


So for instance:


url: - page depth: 4 - page views: 1.000

This means that there has been 1.000 pageviews on where 4 pages has been showed in the session.


So the answer to your question is 3) page depth measures the number of pageviews in the whole session where the page is shown.

If you look at a specific landing page, page depth wil be including this page and every other in that specific visit.

Hope this will clarify Smiley Happy