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One Google Analytics account, 3 codes for specific pages, 3 emails sent

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I'm looking to set up some analytics for a store, with 3 vendors being able to get the results for their specific products.


1) Each one would need to have  report sent to them just for their products.


Is this possible?


2) The client would also like the cart and checkout to be set up to track the individual vendors, but can there be three sets of analytics code for these pages or is this just impossible?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



One Google Analytics account, 3 codes for specific pages, 3 emails sent

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Point 2) is the most complicated condition. Google analytics tracks transaction as a single 'hit' so cart can not be split between vendors. Otherwise it would be enough to have a single tracking code and a set of filtered views to let vendors access their data. 

To have a complete tracking with separate cart and checkout data for each vendor you'll need four codes, one for each vendor and one for aggregated 'raw' data wich could be a little bit tricky.

If your vendors insist their products transactions to be traced exactly as transactions you can send this data to Analytics as events so it could be tracked in single account with filtered views.

I'd also suggest you to utilize custom dimensions for each vendor to track vendors alongside pageviews and events