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Number of Apps downloads obtained through GA API

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Hi, since one year and a half I have deployed a java service that daily access Google Analytics (GA) through the GA's API in order to extract the 'users' metric number, separately by Operating system: iOS and Android.
These figures means for us the number of downloads of the App, requesting the total number from June 6th 2015 until today.
This service has worked quite well during last year, however during last days there are errors because the total number of downloads reported for example today is below the number reported yesterday, so this is iGA.Drivies.reported.jpghere are the metrics and filters used. Table shows the downloads figures daily obtained for the IOS and Android APP.mpossible because this is an accomulative figure, so always must be >=.
This would mean we have a negative number of downloads..., so something is wrong.
So far the number of tomorrow's figures were always >= than today's figures, so we were able to know the number of new users (downloads) had completed the installation on the Android/Ios devices.
I've checked the figures using the query explorer as well, having the same figures.

Please I would appreciate your help for fixing this problem and I'd appreciate any suggestion for improving our service on GA daily basics queries.

Hope the attached screenshoot help you to understand it.
Thanks a lot in advance,

Number of Apps downloads obtained through GA API

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HI again,

this is additional information.

The number of downloads today reported from GA has increased for IOs App,

howerver the number for the Android App is being the same for the last 7 days, the counter has stopped, doesn't change.

I've directly checked the Google Play market and there the statistics about the daily downloads are around 30 new downloads per day.

Really for any reason Google Analytics is not working properly,


Please any idea/suggestion?