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Noob like questions, but I am going bonkers

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I am starting to seriously doubt my own sanity... I am feeling like such a noob. I need to find the answers to some very basic questions, so please be patient with me.


  1. What is source/medium is counting? Last or first click? I think it is last click...
  2. Then, if I go into the product performance report and select source/medium as my secondary dimension, and filter on CPC, I should see product sales that had their last source as a click on an ad, correct? They might have been to my site through other sources previously, but since the Ad click was the last, then that shows up as the medium?
    1. If that is the case, then shouldn't that report show the same value as the last click/direct click in the Assisted conversions model? For me it doesn't.
  3. I have a custom medium set to PaidSocial and included that in a custom channel grouping. I can look at aquisition reports and see how much traffic that comes from PaidSocial. But for some reason I can't use that in my Assisted conversion report; there is no traffic from PaidSocial at all in there, which is weird becuase right now PaidSocial accounts for almost half of the traffic to the site.

I hope some kind soul has the mercy to answer these questions, because I am about to loose my mind over this.

Noob like questions, but I am going bonkers

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