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Hey there, I'm new to Google Analytics and have struggled while finding the right terms to search to find the answer to this on my own. If this is in the wrong place, sorry, let me know and I'll take it down. 

I posted a link on Facebook yesterday. It got a fair bit of traffic, likes and shares, people commented that they enjoyed reading what it was linked to. We also gained Facebook page likes. However when I've come to check Google Analytics to see what kind of traffic it brought to the website, Google Analytics is flat lined. It shows not even one interaction. It shows interactions in last week, but not a one for this week. I isolated just yesterday thinking maybe that would do something, but no. I've checked the web link to see that it is entered correctly. I think everything is set as it should be because last week's activity is shown. 

Any idea? Is there a delay in transmitting the collected data?


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Hi Doug :-)
If there is no traffic showing for this week, first thing I would do is check if the tracking code is still correctly installed on the website.
This can be done using Google Tag Assistant browser addon found here:

Its very easy to use:

If tracking is installed, then couple of things to keep in mind.

- are there any filters applied to the View that may be preventing reporting of data?
- If the link was posted to fb yesterday.. then it may take 24-48hrs for traffic from that link to show in the GA reports.
- GA reports do not show data in the current day reports unless you change the date range at the upper right to include the current day
- Clicks on an external link are not the same as a visitor to a site. FB uses different tracking methods to GA. GA is not for the purpose of logging all website traffic.. there are a number of situations where GA wont record visits to a website.. these include but are not limited to.. user opting out of GA tracking, user not using a javascript or cookie enabled browser, user landing on your site and pressing the browser stop button and preventing the page from fully loading so the tracking code does not track the pageview.

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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