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No SEO impressions after implementing SSL

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Our SEO reporting dropped to near zero after implementing SSL on our site. There are a few hits here and there and no other reports seem to be affected. I've searched but can't find a solutions (that weren't a GA error) in the forums.

Re: No SEO impressions after implementing SSL

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Hi Greg,

Here are some examples of situations that would cause reduced HTTPS traffic:

  • You didn't set up GWT, analytics, and other services to correctly see the HTTPS change and its not actually dropping off. False positive, this is the most common error.
  • You run multi-tenant server and rely on server name indicator (SNI) to serve your certs. Old IE and Android browsers will not connect. Bots might not understand what it is.
  • Because of all the exploits this summer, you have turned off SSL2/3 support and opt only for TLS. Fringe or un-updated browsers may fail.
  • You wanted to enable forward secrecy to get unique keys during handshakes. Heck make it "robust" forward secrecy. Very old IE on XP will be asking " [censored] is that" and prob fail.
  • You are supporting only the most badarse ciphers and have ousted the old ones. Cloudflare is a great example of this -- because of ECDHE neither IE nor Chrome will be able to connect on XP. Must use Firefox in this case, which often, XP users (senior citizens, indian colleges, enterprise call centers) do not know how, or are not allowed to install.

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