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New user per page, not site

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I was wondering how to best track a new campaign page.

I would like to know if users who have been to this page before vs new users act any differently. But as I understand New vs Returning user types only apply on site level and this does not intrest me as I want to see new users on this specific page, regardless if their history with my site.


Any ideas?



New user per page, not site

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Hi @Karin K,


Let me explain new vs returning users In Google Analytics in simple words. When a user has his first session on your site, he will be marked as New User. The users that have more than one session will be identified as returning users.


Considering this, If you want to analyse new users(first time users) that visits your specific page, you can create a segment with the definition: user type equals new user and page dimension matching your specific page. This will give you all new users who has visited your specific page during their session.


If you want to analyse users (no matter new or returning) visited your specific page from the date of your campaign. You can create a segment that has 'page' dimension matches your specific page.


I hope this helps.


New user per page, not site

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Thank you for your reply.

You confirmed that new vs returning works the way I understood in GA.


Both the segments you described would also be valuable for different purposes but what I really wanted to analyze is two different possible journeys and which of them appeals to new user (page level, not site level) and which is for the returning.


Just a bit of context if you're still interested. I have a campaign landing page which leads two different pages - one interactive with lot of info, other straightforward and clean. Straightforward converts a lot better but interactive one gets much more traffic.


My hypothesis is that people go to long flow first and then come back and enter the short flow and convert. Of course I could solve this with segments and compare segments  but I was kind of hoping that I could just get this new vs returning on page level or site section level, so I could see simple statistics to prove my hypothesis. 


But thanks for thinking​ along with me anyway !

New user per page, not site

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Karin, i've been trying to do exactly what you're asking here, get new users on page level. could you ever do it ?