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Navigation summary and source figures don't match up

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I've been looking at a key landing page on our website and looked at the source of the traffic to this page.

It had 3k page views in April. 1.6K via Google, 650 direct.

I then wanted to see how much traffic was coming from other pages on our site - found that 2.7k were coming from other pages, yet total direct traffic for the month was 650.

How can I have 1.6K from Google, yet click on a different tab and see 2.7K from other pages? It doesn't make sense.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Navigation summary and source figures don't match up

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Hi Alan,

It;s very difficult to answer your question the way you've laid it out. It sounds like your confusion may be due to a basic misunderstanding of attribution. Traffic from Google can come from other pages on your site as well. That is, if I arrive on your home page from a google search and then go to the page in question, I would be considered to be from Google and from previous pages. In your case you had 3k views and ~300 landed on that page and ~2.7k came from other pages. (regardless if the source was Google or Direct, etc ) Does that help?


Theo Bennett
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Re: Navigation summary and source figures don't match up

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Hi Theo

Thanks, I think I am seeing why the figures are so different.

I just Googled our business name to try and see to this particular page. The home page is ranking for the website but not the deep link to get to that landing page. So people are getting to the page via a Google search and then via the home page. Whereas, on a different page on the site which is ranking with the landing page above home page, the traffic % via the home page is a lot less.
So, I should be focussing on getting customers directly to the main landing page, so that they aren't having a 2 click journey.