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My organic impressions and clicks are down

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I noticed recently my organic impressions and clicks were down last week and this week they have gone to almost zero. I am wondering if there is something wrong? I am sure there is but I do not know how to identify the issue causing it?


I can see the impressions and clicks are down in google webmaster tools but also in google analytics when I go Acquisition > Search Engine Optimisation > Search Queries. 


But when I look in google analytics Acquisition > Channels and then click on Organic Search I can see a normal amount of Sessions are showing. 


What is the difference and / or relationship between Search Queries vs Organic Search Sessions. 


On the 5th Feb GA tells me I had 0 Search Queries but I had 34 Sessions from the organic traffic channel. 


But basically I want to know what my impressions and clicks are down to zero this week?



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My organic impressions and clicks are down

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Sorry Angela, I don't have the answer but I have a similar question:


For organic search, how can I have 0 impressions but still have 78 sessions?

How did the session open without an impression registering?



My organic impressions and clicks are down

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Which report are you referring to?

The data in the Acquisition > Search Console reports is not tracked by Google Analytics.
It's tracked by Google Search Console, only relates to traffic from google search properties and is imported into

analytics if the two are linked together.
The data that is imported also only reflects the web data reported in GSC it does not include data 

for image or video searches.

There are also some other discrepancies to be aware of


Visitors tracked under organic traffic in the Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels report are not just from google web search, it will also track the data from google image and video search, and from all the other search engines too. Also keep in mind, data from other google sources such as 

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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My organic impressions and clicks are down

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Hi Angela, did you solve your mistery. I'm having the same issue as you.


I'm asking help here :


My clic went to zéro in GSC whereas my GA showed organic searches and sessions.


Is this some king of bug ?