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Multiple search (category) parameters on the same URL

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I found this article,!topic/analytics/YAQBJMpo0ew, but because it is on the old platform I can not read it.
What I want to know is what happens if on the same url I have multiple search parameters like this: tea original&searchcategory1=Lifestyle&searchcategory2=Drinks&searchcategory3=Tea


We have set for Site search Tracking  the word "query"`as query parameter

and the words "searchcategory1", "searchcategory2", "searchcategory3" as Category parameters.


I read some rumors, that GA will track only the last search parameter. This would mean that I will have in my reports a search made for Search Term "green tea original" assigned to the category "Tea" and we will have no searches in this case reported for the Lifestyle or Drinks categories, right?




Thank you,

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Re: Multiple search (category) parameters on the same URL

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Hi Anca,

by default both for category and term only one param will be evaluated and used. The post you were looking for is -!topic/analytics/YAQBJMpo0ew.

You have some additional options to concatenate the final search term or category by overriding the page dimensions.

So even if you real URL is tea original&searchcategory1=Lifestyle&searchcategory2=Drinks&searchcategory3=Tea you could actually send this to GA: tea original&searchcategory=Lifestyle|Drinks|Tea. This would require some additional dev time on your side where instead of:
ga('send','pageview'); you would send ga('send','pageview','/?query=green tea original&searchcategory=Lifestyle|Drinks|Tea/);.

Hop it helps.

Kind regards,
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Re: Multiple search (category) parameters on the same URL

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Hello, Thank you!.
Yes. I just needed the confirmation that only one parameter is sent. Meanwhile, thinking more about it, I realized it's also logic. In the search Term report there is the same amount of unique searches as in the Site Search Category report. So this means only one categ/search term is sent to GA.

As we have our implementation via GTM, I'll easily concatenate the categ params, as you also suggested.

Have a great day