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Multiple Home Pages

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Hi All,

            In google analytics I have a message that google is detecting multiple home pages.


The message is " site. com is receiving hits from multiple pages that might serve the same content. Some examples are: " and it then gives a short list like the following.


1. (home page)

2. (completely different from home page)

3. (completely different from home page & page1)


These pages really couldn't be more different. Each page contains hundreds and hundreds of words of unique writing/content for that specific page. How can google possibly be confused by this?


Thank You,


Multiple Home Pages

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If google analytics is saying this is an issue I feel it's likely that google search engine does too and it's likely what's causing poor ranking of these pages and others. I'd love to get it resolved. Please help.

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March 2017

Multiple Home Pages

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anyone care to chime in. I see that there are 4.7k users online here right now, someone must know why this is...

thanks, John