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Multi-tenancy and custom dimensions

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Our current setup features a multi-tenant web application, which uses subdomains for each of our clients:



We are using an Account Name custom dimension to be able to track data sent from each of them. The thing is that we would like to be able to see a whole report based on a given account (i.e. filtering by Account Name), but we can't figure out how to achieve this. Things we've tried:


  • Custom segment with a given account name. While this works, it doesn't scale well since we would have to edit every segment (one per account name) whenever we want to make changes. Also, can't be combined with other segments because it shows a comparison between them (could edit the segment itself, but that leads to previously mentioned issue). Also, the number of custom segments is limited.
  • Custom reports. Same issues as with segments: limited number of them and would imply changing every custom report whenever changes need to be done (200+ clients).


Having a different Analytics property for each client wouldn't work either, since we would like to see aggregate data reports too (e.g. comparing different client types).


Is there any way to achieve this? 


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Re: Multi-tenancy and custom dimensions

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Hi Manual,

Could you expand on what you mean by "whole report"?

Without knowing all the details, my first instinct is learning towards Secondary Dimensions. In most of the GA reports you're able to apply a Secondary Dimension to further drill-down into your data. In your case, you could make this Secondary Dimension either Hostname which would show you results by domain (including the sub) OR you could make the Secondary Dimension a Custom Variable (Value) to break it down by your Account Name.

If necessary, you could always take it a step farther once you applied your secondary dimension but clicking Advanced and creating a quick filter to only include the Hostname or Account Name you're interested in.

I am concerned that this might be too manual of a process but once I know more about what type of reports you're looking for I may have something better for you!

Re: Multi-tenancy and custom dimensions

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Hello Jennifer, let me elaborate on that!

There are some sections of the standard Reporting tab that allow to use Secondary Dimensions as you say, and we can apply the filter using the "advanced" option too. It's a bit too manual, but it works.

But then, there are other sections (e.g. [Conversions > Ecommerce], or [Audience > Interests > Overview]) that do not allow to use dimensions, therefore the data is combined for all accounts. We could use segments, but then we would have the issues I mentioned in the first post.

In my mind, the ideal report would allow us to filter everything by account name, meaning that whenever I click on a section from the sidebar, the data is already filtered. Is this or something similar even possible?