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More sessions and bounce rate 100%

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In my user explorer report, I find that the number of session by the user is 5 the bounce rate is 100% and average time spent is 0 Seconds.


How is it possible?

Re: More sessions and bounce rate 100%

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Hi Aswini

In your example the user will have 5 visits to the page, bouncing each time (read: just one page view in each session).

Time spent is 0 seconds because Google Analytics does not measure time spent on bounced sessions. It only measured average time spent on visits with more than 1 page view.


More sessions and bounce rate 100%

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HI Jonas,


Thanks for the answer.

Still, I am not clear.

1. How can a user take 5 visits to the page?

2. How can the one user read a page in 0 seconds?

3. It Means google never measures "average time spent on visits with more than 1 page view".


Please do not mistake it, I am new to the school of Google Analytics.




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More sessions and bounce rate 100%

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Hi Aswini,


@Jonas Ø is right.


Let me explain: Google Analytics calculates the time on page by comparing the time span between 2 pageviews in the same session. If user comes to the page does not do anything (there is no other pageview or interaction event) and leaves(or session expires), it will be counted as a bounce.

If user does this multiple times (5 times in your case) in different sessions, bounce rate will be 100%, time spent on page will be 0 and user will have 5 pageviews because user's pageviews are not in the same session.


I hope this helps you.


More sessions and bounce rate 100%

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This can be from automated spam, or simply 5 visitors that came to your site and left without going to another page. 


If a user doesn't trigger a second event, it will then count as a bounce as well as a time on site of 0 seconds since Analytics doesn't have an end time to the session without that second event. 


Best, David