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More New Users than Clicks

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Hey Guys n' Gals,


Hope I am not wasting any ones time with this question but while I found similar problems i could not find an answer to my particular issue.


Any ways, here goes.


We just hired a third party vendor to run an optimized display ad campaign for us. This of course is taking place through a few of the exchanges. For this campaign we gave the vendor a landing page url with a unique UTM code. This campaign has been running for aprx 10 days now and we are experiencing an odd inconsistency with our reporting and theirs.


First off I am aware that their is a difference between clicks and sessions. I am aware that in many cases and for many reasons the UTM can get scrubbed or not have a chance to register with G Analytics. When this happens people report more clicks than sessions. 


Second I am also aware that people can get cookied by analytics and when they return (through a bookmark or direct visit) they register as another session that gets attributed to their campaign of origin. 


However I cannot figure out why analytics would be registering 4 or 5 x New Users than clicks reported by the vendor. The UTM is unique to this campaign and is not used anywhere else. 


What I am trying to understand is if there is technical reason why G Analytics reporting might be so inflated. 


The only other thing I can think of is if people are visiting our LP and sharing the url with our UTM attached. However, as much as I would love to believe that our LP's are getting shared across the board at such a high rate I find it unlikely (especially so consistently across all our campaigns). 


If this is the case is there a way to check in Google Analytics if a portion of the traffic with this UTM is coming from somewhere other than our display vendor.


Thanks in advance for your help.