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Mix of New vs. Returning Visitors

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My website has had a very consistent mix of new vs. returning visitors for the last 5 years- approx. 30% returning and 70% new.


Yesterday at noon I had a traffic for the first part of the day of around 3000 total visitors, with the "usual" mix of new vs. returning for those hours. When I check again around 4pm I noticed:

  • Total visitors had gone down from 3000 to ~2000
  • The mix of new vs. returning had changed significantly- not just for those hours after mid-day, but for the whole day- the mix was now 95% new and 5% returning- so I now had a different (lower) traffic number for say 7am than I had a few hours earlier

That 95/ 5 split has been consistent today as well. Nothing has been changed in any tracking fact, no changed have been made to the site


My guess is that there are some categories of returning visitors who are no longer having their visits counted. Does this sound plausible?



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October 2016

Mix of New vs. Returning Visitors

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Hi David,


Lost of people have experienced the same issue since 10/25/16. There's a pretty long thread about this here. Lots of reports of users missing large chunks of data on 10/25/16, correlated with the increase in %New Sessions. My site has been between 40%-45% for the past 2 months but is at 65%+ from 10/24/16 - today. Haven't seen an official response from Google yet. 





Edit: corrected start date from 10/24 to 10/25.