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Mismatching of hit- and session-level metrics and dimension

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying hard to understand the repport from my analytics,
and after reading few articles about metrics and dimension level, I got confused.


I'm trying to get the number of sessions that went through a specific subdomain, in order to get mobile trafic, the subdomains that start with "m.".(I know I can use devices split - but here, it is not point). I'm using the segment or include/exclude filters.


As I saw on, hostname works at page level.


Does it mean that I'm not able to know how many session went through this specific hostname because hostname is a hitlevel dimension and session a session level metrics ?
Does it mean that I can't know how many people started their session on a specific "hostname" (domain) ?


Does it mean that If I have a report with the following dimensions : user id, session id, pages, and the metrics user, will I have fake results ?
And if I do, how wrong will be the data ?


Why Google Analytics let us combine hit level dim and session level dim and shows data if they're wrong ?

Thanks to anyone that can help me to clarify the situation.









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Mismatching of hit- and session-level metrics and dimension

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1) If you create Advanced Segment and define it to include all sessions during which user has visited page on a subdomain you will get amount of sessions and amount of users.

For hostname where session started you can check Behavior -> Site Content -> Landing pages and choose Secondary Dimension Hostname. After that use the ad hoc filter to take out the other hostnames and look for Entrances.


2) It really depends what you are trying to see with that data. There is logical report settings in 99 cases of 100 to get what you want. Gut feeling about your dimensions and metric: Most likely some of the information does not make sense.


3) I think use cases are so diverse that restricting something might lead to more chaos and complaints. So you just have to learn that stuff Smiley Happy

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Mismatching of hit- and session-level metrics and dimension

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Thanks a lot.


I finaly understand that Hostname behave differently as segment or dimension in the repport.


Hostname in segment = went through this hostname

Hostname in a repport = where the session started



Everything makes sense now, and reports don't seem that dumb anymore.


You save me hours of wated times, again, thanks a lot Antti