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Measuring engagement

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How can I see how many Sessions visit more than 1 page, and spend more than 2 minutes on my site?


I know that sounds simple, and I already have goals for both set up, but what I haven't been able to figure out is how to pull both goals into 1 statistic? For example, if I have 200,000 Sessions, I want to see how many of those met both goals, not 150,000 visited more than 1 page, and 165,000 stayed longer than 2 minutes, listed separately.


Or, is there a better way to measure engagement? I'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks!

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November 2016

Re: Measuring engagement

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Hi Centra,


Create a segment with those conditions. Apply that segment on the Audience Overview report and the total sessions metric should tell you how many sessions met both conditions.


 11-22-2016 2-32-23 PM.pngSegment




Measuring engagement

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Perfect! I had played around with Segments, but was trying to use Goals instead of Conditions and couldn't get it to work. Thank you!