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Understand information in your reports and troubleshoot reporting issues such as self-referrals, (not set) data, and inaccurate information
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Measuring Individual Session Duration

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In addition to reporting monthly sessions and bounce rates, I have also been asked to report the following:


# of sessions lasting between 0-1 min.

# of sessions lasting between 1-5 min.




I can't find this information in my dashboard.



Re: Measuring Individual Session Duration

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Hi Rich,

You could create custom segments!

Add Segment > New Segment > Behavior > Session duration per session (less than or equal to) 60 [since in seconds]

Not 100% on how to see the number of sessions between 1-5 mins, but you could create another segment that accounts for: session duration per session (less than or equal) to 300 seconds, and just subtract the difference.

Hope that helps!

Re: Measuring Individual Session Duration

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Ok, thanks Maitri. I'll have to track this info for every one of our sites, so I'm not sure this is the most expedient.

Re: Measuring Individual Session Duration

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Hello everybody,

another option: Click on "Audience" -> "Behaviour" -> "Engagement". There you'll find the sessions devided by duration.

But please notice: If someone visits your website without any other interaction (i.e. he/she leaves the landing page after 10 sec oder 10 min) his/her session wil be countered as 0 seconds (independent of teh "real" time on this landing page). Google Analytics needs at least a second time stemp to calculate a time difference (i.e. session duration).*

Bye. Nils