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Measurement Protocol for offline conversions

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Hi all!
Im researching how to import offline conversions into our GA account. After reading as much as I could I found out about the Measurement Protocol. Ive read all the doc about it but still have questions. Could you help me?

  1. Im interested in importing offline conversions. Should I use Events parameters, Ecommerce parameters or enhanced Ecommerce parameters?
  2. Assuming Im sending info like ti(transaction id) and tr(transaction revenue), how do I set revenue currency? as I dont see currency parameter
  3. Once pushed the Post hit for importing a conversion. What date will this conversion take? as I dont see a date parameter to report GA when did this conversions happened.
  4. If no extra info is sent with the hit, just id, revenue, etc. What values does GA assig to different data like, Source, device, etc? Cant I associate the conversion with latest session, so conversion will share previous session info, like source, device, etc?
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Measurement Protocol for offline conversions

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Hi @cxclucas



1) If you use standard eCommerce then you can just send the transaction though if you use Enhanced ecommerce on your site and in GA admin settings then you would need to send the Ecommerce data with a pageview or event hit - a suggestion would be to use a non interaction event

2) You can set the currency using the Currency parameter

3) The date of the conversion inside the reports will be the date the information is pushed into GA (you cannot postdate the transaction to for instance 1 month prior to the date of Measurement protocol hit, unfortunately)

4) You should really think of sending more info than just the required parameters for instance:


dl - document location

Circumvent any hostname filtering


uip - user IP

Preserve location


ua - User agent

Preserve info on user agent (optional)


ds - Data source

Segment on data source. (cdN as option)



cn/cm/cs/gclid/dclid/dr - campaigns from UTM / Adwords or DC / document referrer / (none if no info exists or create a virtual direct?)

Preserve traffic - partially. The issue is to preserve attribution for the traffic source which generated the sales - if no info would be provided some mid newsletter driven session may miss attribute results. 


In any case you could test the hit here:


Hope it helps!


Kind regards,


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Measurement Protocol for offline conversions

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One more thing to add - the attribution issue you mentioned - device, source and similar. 


If a plain measurement protocol hit is sent for traffic sources GA uses a last non direct attribution model and the MP hit by default is direct traffic if not explicitly defined differently so for instance if a person comes to the site via google / cpc and then you subsequently send a MP hit the transaction will be attributed to google / cpc (this requires you to store and send the same client Id as the user had as their cookie). 


On the other hand Device and location will by default be reported as the MP hit origin - the server so you would also need to send the user agent and IP address of the original request made by the user in order to preserve this attribution as well. 


Kind regards,


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Measurement Protocol for offline conversions

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I also have a question...if i use measurement protocol can i transfer transactions with its date (when they were made) and not the date that i transfered the data?


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