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MCF Assisted Conversions Inflated?

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Hi there,


I have a question about how assisted conversions are calculated in the MCF versus general channel assists when a User segment is applied. Before you reply and say it's because of the last-non-direct click attribution, please read carefully.


Assume a User Segment is created which shows all Users who interacted with Paid Search  - in the channels report, you would see all of the last non-direct conversions attributed to the Paid channel. In addition, you would see all of the other channels where the sale got the credit, even though the user interacted with Paid Searh. So far, so good.


However, if one were to navigate to the MCF > Assisted Conversions, then look at the number of assists logged for Paid Search, then the assisted figure here is grossly inflated, even when taking into account that MCF defaults to Last Click, and the Channels report defaults to Last Non-Direct click. Assisted conversions seems to have no bearing with anything, even when changing the Conversion Window.


Does anyone know why this may be? I feel as though the MCF assisted conversions figure is not an accurate representation and therefore should not be reported to clients. I've even looked at the Top Conversion Paths figure, created segments in which the last interaction is NOT Paid Search, and this matches with the data in the Channels report, but not the Assisted Conversions figure in the MCF, which is always vastly higher. 

Thanks for your time!