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Landing page for direct traffic

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Good Afternoon Guys, 


I am looking at a clients report in GA. I have reason to believe that some of the direct data is inaccurate. I have investigated this further and I still think this is the case simply because of the landing pages the users land on. 


Users are landing on pages such as /updates preferences, /my-account and so on. These are pages users would have to know to get there and this is very unlikely, even more so when this is account for over 60% of the direct traffic and direct traffic accounts for 25% of overall traffic. 


There seems to be something that is effecting the tracking accuracy. Would anybody be able to guide me on how I would come about troubleshooting this problem? 



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February 2016

Re: Landing page for direct traffic

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Hi Olufunmi,

it seems that your session brakes in some of the steps users performs on the site - this usually happens when some of the pages on your site do not contain GA code (pages not tagged) or there is some cross domain issue that needs to be checked (if applicable).

The best way to approach it is to debug the steps where you see these pages can occur and see if anything is missing or set up incorrectly.

Kind regards,
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Re: Landing page for direct traffic

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Hi Zorin

That was my thoughts as well - I have actually checked everything page on the website and there does appear to be a tracking code on every single page so still unsure to why this would happen (everything sits on the one domain).